MEGACHEAP3D bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to field of digital architecture. We produce high quality, photo-realistic 3D renders for the residential and commercial architecture sectors in New Zealand.

Our renders are used by Architects, developers, Real Estate Agents and DIY Renovators who enjoy our low cost, high quality approach. 3D renders are used for development applications, showcasing development ideas to stakeholders and for off the plan marketing pre-sales.

There are many benefits to the use of 3D renders which range from visualising projects to identifying problems before construction starts. It is extremely cost-effective approach to visualising developments before they are built and we use the latest techniques and software to bring true photo realism to our renderings at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Our 3D renders are the essential marketing tool and our range of products include home facades, streetscapes, product rendering and 2D & 3D floor plans.

Contact our team of experienced visualisation specialists today and bring your visions to life.


A 3D Home Facade is a technologically produced image that is created utilising site images and architectural plans to develop a 3D photo-realistic representation of the designs.

Our Home Facade Renders are used in a variety of media including print, signage and online to sell to owner occupiers or investors. Our Home Facades are created with such life like realism and detail, it is hard to distinguish between the 3d Home Façade Render and the built product.
We use the latest in 3D techniques to bring our 3D Home Facades to life such as 3D Landscaping, unique shadowing, timber grains on timber, reflections on the glass and internal furnishings behind the windows.

We work alongside some of Australia’s Leading Home Builders delivering product ranges with such realism that their clients cannot tell the difference between our Renders and the final product.



What better way to showcase a multi-dwelling development than with high quality photo-realistic renders.

3D home facades are increasing in popularity and these architectural visualisations make it easier for investors and buyers to see the property and design before construction starts and make the development easier to sell off the plan. However, to successfully market these developments and sell off the plan, you need the right tools. Megacheap3D use highly sophisticated technology to create hyper-realistic detailed images that accurately portray how the proposed design is going to look, which allows you to showcase your development and maximise off the plan sales.


Streetscape rendering is the last layer to presenting your proposed developments to stakeholders, Real Estate agents and potential buyers. When buying off the plan, it is important to understand how the property will look against the natural surrounds or urban environment.

MEGACHEAP3D’s Streetscapes maximise the look and feel of multi-dwelling properties with photorealistic lighting effects and characterised natural landscaping. Our team of exceptional 3D artists ensure that the best camera angle is selected then real time day, dusk or evening lighting is applied and the landscaping is crafted to suit the final set of landscape documentation or stylised concept design.

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Commercial office fit outs are extremely important in order to have a space that will work for your business. Layouts are important so employees feel comfortable and help you to achieve the right level of productivity from your team.
Our highly skilled team of artists can assist you to bring your office space to life.
We maximise each space taking either the completed design or concept to a full photorealistic impression of how the space will look for the new tenancy.

When rendering a Commercial Space, it’s important to get the overall look at feel right and that is when our interior stylists can assist. Whether it is a corporate or creative fit out, MEGACHEAP3D has the library, assets and style to sell the space to any inbound tenants maximising return on investment.


MEGACHEAP3D allow you to visualise your industrial and showroom space with branded designs, 3D floor plans, exterior renders and animations to showcase the interior showroom layout and the exterior of the building.

Whether it be a Furniture Showroom, Car Sales Room or even a multi-use business such as a Hardware Store, our experience in bringing to life these spaces are next to none. We take a blank canvas or concept layout and turn it into a stunning 3D visual showcasing the proposed space in its best light.

Using our extensive library, our Industrial 3d visuals lead the industry in securing Off the Pan tenancies, selling a proposed space or even showcasing to future landlords how their potential purchase can be used.

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Project types: We have created 3D Renderings and Animations for many unique projects, and few examples are: Swimming Pools, Gyms, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Aeroplanes, Boats, Ski Resorts, Libraries, Medical Centres, Universities, Hospitals, Playgrounds, Play Equipment, Stadiums, Schools, Prisons, Car Parks, Building Techniques, Shipping Containers, Machinery, Police and Emergency Services.

Plans and References: Many unique projects don’t always have a complete set of plans for us to model from; however, this is not an issue for our team. We have an experienced team of architects and designers capable of interpreting your concepts and visualising your particular project.

It's in the detail: At MEGACHEAP3D, we aim to include as many of the smaller details as we can, examples of this include materials, textures, and specific details such as water, steel, and equipment. The more information you can provide, the better our team can interpret space and suggest detail when missing information


Granny Flats have become increasingly popular as housing prices rise, They create a great a great secondary dwelling that allows the homeowners to keep parents or adult children at home, but have their own space. They are also an excellent way to generate a second income.

Our 3D granny flat renders help buyers get excited and engage with their idea and are designed to be as photo-realistic as possible so that you can see all the details of the design and imagine yourself standing in front of the Granny Flat.
We’ve found the more significant the detail showed the greater connection for the buyer, investors, and builders.