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3D Virtual Reality Models

MegaCheap3D are a proud partnered 3D Visual firm for the architectural virtual reality experts, EnvisionVR. We can turn any architectural plan into a 1:1 scale virtual reality model which can be viewed using a headset or a tablet. This is the next step in architectural visualisation and a powerful tool in your marketing suite.

Why VR?

Virtual reality is the next step in architectural visualisation as it immerses buyers in your design and gives them complete certainty in the finished product. No longer do buyers have to translate 2D floorplans, they can now walk around any off the plan property in 1:1 scale, from any location around the world. We have partnered with the experts in architectural virtual reality experiences, EnvisionVR. Together we convert your floorplans into life-size virtual reality models which you and your buyers can then access through the EnvisionVR app, using a headset or a tablet. The process is simple, the experience is powerful, and the results are undeniable. Read more below and then contact us to talk about transforming your next project into virtual reality.

How it works

  1. Create a 3D model:
    We create a 3D model of your floorplan
  2. Convert to VR:
    The experts at EnvisionVR then convert this model into a life-size virtual reality model
  3. Review & approve:
    Our Design Review App allows you to meet us in virtual reality to review and approve your floorplans remotely. You’ll get to review the model at three different stages and provide your amends. The first stage is where you approve the structure matches the floorplan, the second stage is where you approve all the textures and finishes, and the third stage is where you approve the styling and furniture.
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4. View on App:
Once your virtual reality model is approved it will then be available on the EnvisionVR app for you to access. You can choose to view the model in virtual reality using either a headset or tablet.

Our Virtual Reality Process

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